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contact lenses



Contact Lenses can be a great way of providing optical correction without the need of wearing a frame. This is ideal for those who would like an alternate option for social or sporting activities.


Contact lenses can be worn on a part-time or permanent basis. The appropriate form and type of contact lens can be decided upon and fitted based on; your prescription, eye health presentation, and your individual needs and expectations.

Upon fitting contact lenses there are numerous procedures and steps required. This is discussed in detail with you at your initial appointment. At Clear Vision Optometrists we endeavour to introduce you and your eyes to contact lenses in an appropriate and structured manner.




There are many types of contact lenses options:


Rigid Gas Permeable
Soft Conventional
Regular Replacement disposable
Extended wear disposable
Daily disposable
Colored disposable


If you would like order some contact lenses or would like to arrange an eye examination (eye test), please do not hesitate to contact us.


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