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A full comprehensive eye examination covers both, assessing your vision and also the health of your eyes. With modern equipment and techniques, all patients are examined with care and accuracy. Your eyes should be examined regularly to prevent conditions such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration which can severely damage and threaten your vision.


Jayesh, our optometrists, is a graduate from the University of Auckland. He also holds a postgraduate qualification in ocular therapeutics. This enables him to prescribe, treat and/or manage certain eye diseases.


Jayesh is required by his New Zealand optometric board registration to complete regular annual education. This keeps him on track with new technology, techniques and clinical information. You can therefore be rest assured that you are in the hands of someone who is not only extremely professional, but also up to date with current clinical practice.


The Eye Examination involves many features and procedures. These include, but are not limited to assessment using; a slit lamp microscope, various hand held instruments, visual field perimetry, lens application, pressure checking, and cataract and glaucoma checking. It also involves retinal assessment (which includes routine retinal photography) including, checking for age related macular degeneration, as well as diagnostic assessments using topical drops.


The eye examination in our professional opinion is one of the most important aspects of visiting us at Clear Vision Optometrists. Your eyecare needs should never be compromised and we make sure that is never the case.


If you would like to arrange an eye examination (eye test), please do not hesitate to contact us.



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